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Delay Sprays for Men: How to Use, Tips, FAQs & More



Timing Spray for Men’s: How to Use, Tips, FAQs & More

One of the most common sexual dysfunction is premature ejaculation which affects the men’s power and their performance in bed. But don’t worry; because delay spray is available for you to help you last longer in bed without giving your body any harm or side effects.

According to a recent study, on an average level, men can just last for 5.6 minutes before they start ejaculating. But men having some premature ejaculation problems can last for at least 1-2 minutes. This is so embarrassing!

So here we are presenting you with the outstanding solution of the delay sprays which is an incredible option to boost up your game. It’s time to give your partner the love for an extended period!

What Are Delay Sprays?

Talking about the delay spray in Pakistan, they are manufactured just to reduce the sensitivity over different penis areas to the delay ejaculation. They are also popularly known as:

  • Premature ejaculation spray

  • Penis desensitizing spray

  • Lidocaine spray

  • Long Sex Duration

You can call them by any name, but at the end of the day, they are all made from similar active ingredients such as benzocaine, or lidocaine.delay spray

How long does delay spray last?

If we talk about the delay spray effect, then it can last for a maximum of 40-50 minutes as soon as you will apply it. Apart from that, you can just apply the delay spray in Pakistan only if you are about to do sex. Apply it at least 60 minutes before the sex to see dramatic results.

How to use it?

Before you delay spraying it on your penis, you have to shake the bottle softly. You should spray at least thrice times over the sensitive areas of the penis. 10 sprays are the safe dosage. Once you are done with the spray, you have to gentle rub those areas with your fingertips. Be gentle when massaging.

You should wait for a maximum of 15 minutes until and unless the delay spray in Pakistan is not completely dry. Even if you are spraying it before sex, you have to do it at least 60 minutes before the sex so it can get dry very easily.

Does delay spray have any side effects?

You won’t be encountering any sort of side effects with delay spray in Pakistan if you use it in a way as it has been directed. It is thus suggested that you should not be using them more than the times as the company has recommended you with.

Most of the time, your partner might be allergic to the chemical reactions of ingredients i.e. lidocaine and benzocaine. If your partner is also the same, then it is better to avoid using delay spray having such active ingredients in it.

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How many sprays you should apply?

You need to apply just a few to get the desired and accurate results. But it should not be more than 9-10 sprays. This number might vary based on the person. But for some of the men.

it is suitable to stay in the range of 2-3 sprays which is an ideal option. You should always start with the 2 and see what results from its displays. Later on, you can move to many sprays.

Can you wear a condom after applying delay spray?

Yes, you can! But there is a need to follow some general rules and guidelines. According to some of the delay sprays, it is safe to use a condom with the delay spray. But this is just possible if it is the latex condom. But still, it is recommended that you should not be applying the condom until and unless the spray has been completely dried.